Corte di Cassazione, Sez. Lav.

In caso di trasferimento d'azienda, la società cedente rimane obbligata nei confronti del dipendente al pagamento della quota di TFR maturata sino al trasferimento. Anche la società cessionaria è obbligata per tale quota, in solido con la cedente. Per quanto attiene alla quota di TFR maturata dopo il trasferimento, la sola obbligata al pagamento è la cessionaria.


As is our duty, we have responded to our Government's call to limit as much as possible travel to and from Milan and within the city itself.
Our physical offices are therefore closed until 3 April 2020.
We are, however, all working remotely and we are giving regular course to ordinary activities. 
You can therefore communicate with us via e-mail or telephone (+39 (0)2 4398 0443), specifying your telephone number. 
Any meetings may normally be held via or Webex.
Our support for our customers therefore remains constant, even in this period in which we are all called to contribute, even with some sacrifice, to the collective interest. 
We remain at your disposal, as always, for any need.

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